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Finsec Dialogue on 'Salient Decisions in the SEBI Board Meeting dated March 29, 2023' on Twitter Spaces

Finsec Law Advisors

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We are pleased to announce our upcoming edition of the Finsec Dialogue on the “Salient Decisions in the SEBI Board Meeting dated March 29, 2023”, to be held on Twitter Spaces on March 31, 2023 at 7 PM.

In its recent meeting held on March 29, 2023, the Board of SEBI approved certain key amendments to existing securities laws. The Board approved measures to strengthen the norms pertaining to roles and responsibilities of trustees of Mutual Funds and investor grievance redressal mechanism in the securities market. Further, new frameworks for the following were introduced: Index Providers, ASBA-like facility for trading in secondary markets, upstreaming of clients' funds by stock brokers and clearing members, and ESG disclosures, investing, ratings and rating providers. Certain provisions of the ICDR Regulations pertaining to underwriting and issue of bonus shares have also been streamlined.

Additionally, certain changes were made to the SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015 like the introduction of a quantitative threshold for determining 'materiality' of events, stricter timeline for disclosure of material events and to fill up vacancies of critical positions, and verification of market rumours by the top 100 listed entities. Moreover, in order to promote procedural ease of doing business for issuers of non-convertible securities and commercial paper, the Board has introduced the concept of General Information Document and Key Information Document in order to do away with multiple filings of placement memoranda.

In this edition of Finsec Dialogue, we will discuss the major decisions of SEBI in the board meeting and the implications arising therefrom.

Date: March 31, 2023 [Friday]

Time: 7:00 PM [IST]

Speakers: Mr. Sandeep Parekh (Managing Partner, Finsec Law Advisors) & Mr. Anil Choudhary (Partner, Finsec Law Advisors)

Platform: Twitter Spaces

Kindly join the event on the scheduled date and time using the link provided below.

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